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Contract Electronics Manufacturing is all about keeping costs down, right?

Twenty five years as a manufacturer in Australia and Asia has shown us that there's more to it than that.

From ensuring your design translates to the most cost-effective and viable means of production before we start the manufacturing process, to sourcing not only the right components, but components from reliable suppliers who can meet production deadlines, to ensuring your product is made exactly to your specifications, using the latest manufacturing equipment, to ensure higher yield rates and improved longevity of the finished product in line with customer expectations.

Whether you're creating your very first product and need to determine if local or offshore production is the way to go, or you're an experienced OEM who needs quality product delivered at a competitive price, to your exact specifications, we can help. From mounting of components on PCBs, to the testing and packaging of finished product, our quality processes and years of experience will help ensure your needs are met.

And if cost pressures are driving you offshore, but you're hesitant about dealing with offshore manufacturers, PNE offers a Total Contract Manufacturing Management service. From order placement, to logistics and inventory  management, to engineering and warranty support, to local billing in local currency, we deliver the cost-savings of offshore manufacturing without the hassles. It all adds up to a far more effective way of running your business because it lets you focus on what you do best

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