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'iStart' Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) Soft Starter


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iStart is an electronic single phase AC motor soft-starter designed for Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) motors of up to 4.5kW (6HP) output.

These motors are typically used in air conditioning and refrigeration compressors, and condensing and air curtain fans.

Its primary purpose is to reduce the current drawn by the PSC motor at start-up to below 45 Amps. This is a regulatory  requirement in Australia, and being enforced by energy suppliers to reduce excessive loads on power supply. It is also becoming adopted as a 'best practice' by air conditioning system suppliers and installation contractors, as well as electricians, in order to reduce motor wear and tear, particularly in areas with poor quality of supply, especially where varying voltages and under-voltage issues may cause damage to attached devices.

Using iStart results in lower power consumption at start-up, reduced acoustic noise and significantly less ‘light flicker’ when the motor starts. It also features ‘under-voltage’ protection, which disables the attached motor in the event of mains power outages, power ‘brown-outs’, or hardware failure. 

The overall result is superior motor protection, greater reliability and extended motor life, all at a very low price. And with iStart having proved itself extraordinarily reliable in the field, it represents excellent value for money in a range of applications, including those in remote areas, or where 'high availability of service' levels are essential. But given it's from a company with more than two decades's of experience and a history of supplying hundreds of thousands of electronic control devices into a range of industrial, commercial and consumer applications, you wouldn't expect any less.

Key features:

  • Low cost, high reliability
  • Simple and inexpensive to install
  • Maintenance free
  • 'Random-restart-time' feature ensures multiple starters in same circuit restart at random times after a power brown-out/black-out
  • Complies with Australian '45 Amp Rule'


  • Airconditioning & compressor motors
  • Pool pumps
  • Commercial/industrial air curtain and ventilation fans
  • Marine gensets 


  • COTS:
    • Available off the shelf to end users or distributors
  • OEM:
    • Available rebadged or without a case/with CUSTOM case for OEMs (MOQs apply)

Customisable COTS Products for OEMs

Appliance Staft Starters for OEM applications

PNE Electronics has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing soft starter sub-systems (PCB assemblies) for major appliance and power tool manufacturers, both in Australia and internationally.

From soft starters for power drills to starters for pool pumps and other major domestic appliances, our capability is well proven.

Key features:

  • design & manufacture for small to large volume requirements


  • Power tools
  • Domestic & commercial appliances

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