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We're experienced electronics engineers, having designed a multitude of control solutions for a wide range of devices. From vending and banking systems, to heating and cooling systems, to waste disposal and healthcare systems, to railway crossing safety systems, to premises evacuation warning systems.

Our success in delivering reliable, cost effective and innovative solutions can be measured by the number of long terms clients we've maintained, many for a decade or more. And the calibre of customers testifies to our innovative capabilities, with clients ranging from well known Australian enterprises such as Climate Technologies (makers of Vulvan Bonnaire and Pyrox) to international brands such as Sunbeam, Black&Decker, Mistral, Kambrook and Leibert.

Our innovative appraoch to electronics design has set us apart since 1985, with our methodology being a simple one: you define the funtional specification (what the device is to do) and we develop the performance specification (how the device performs those functions).

From there we develop concepts and prototypes, after which we can either manufacture your control sub-system for you, or liaise with your own manufacturing group to ensure your product transitions into production.

PNE Electronics: designers & manufacturers of innovative electronic control solutions since 1985