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Fluid Pumping, Measurement & Treatment

From the world's first solar absorbtion heater controller, we soon moved into pool chlorination systems, pump controls and flow metering. Today, some of Australia's big names in pool equipment and flow control rely on our innovations to keep them in front.


CASE STUDY #1 - Automatic Pool Chlorination & Dosing System

We've created solutions for some of Australia's largest suppliers of pool pumps and chlorination systems, specialising in automated systems that monitor chlorine levels, as well as pump controllers for top-end spas.

So when a customer needed a new range of auromatic pool chlorinators that would monitor and then appropriately dose the water with chlroine and acid, we delivered a new range of digitally controlled units that were precised, durable and reliable, so pool owners could get on with enjoying their pool, and not get bogged down with the woes of maintinaing it.


CASE STUDY #2 - Intrinsically Safe Flow Metering

We have a reputation for creating precision metering solutions, so when it came to producing a highly accurate meter that was also suitable for use in environements that required minimising fire risks by deploying Zone 1 IS-rated products, one customer contracted us to design and manufacture a new addition to their best selling range.

It's compact, rugged, extremely durable, precise and safe for use in hazardous atmospheres such as chemical plants. And it's produced right here and exported to the world, as are so many of our products.

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