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Human & Food Waste Handling

Human Waste Handling

When it comes to the safe handling of human and food waste in a healthcare or commercial environment, we understand the issues surrounding precision control of sterilisation and safety systems.

CASE STUDY - Bedpan Sanitiser

In intensive and aged care institutions, the safe emptying and sanitising of bedpans is of major concern to healthcare workers. So a leading Australian company chose PNE to develop control systems for their heavy-duty sanitisers that addressed the failings of many other imported products.

With features such as electric door openers that sense whether the door is closed tight enough before starting the steam clean process, a safety interlock system that stops or re-opens the door if it detects a jam, and automatic cleaning cycle control that ensures steam is delivered at the right temperature for the right duration of time to ensure mandatory requirements are met for this hospital grade device, this essential behind-the-scenes service is now faster, more efficient, and safer for operators, helping make our customer’s range an industry leader. 

Food Waste Handling

With food waste being a major contribuotr to land fill, we've worked with innovators in this field to create solutions for more effective handling of waste created in comemrcial kitchens to prevent this resource going to waste.

CASE STUDY - Commercial Food Waste Digister

When an innovative waste handling company recognised that commercial food waste couldn't continue to be dumped in landfill, and that it had commercial value if it could be pulped and resold to biogenerator companies as a source of methane and animal feed, they attempted to build a waste disposal unit using PLCs, or Porgammable Logic Controllers.

Using the lessons learned in developing the steam sanitiser, we delivered a compact, push button control system that offered greater control over water usage, greater grinding efficiences, and greater levels of user safety, than was ever possible with PLCs. The result was a product with electric door openers, in-built safety features including the ability to determine if the unit had been loaded with cutlery and not just food waste (a common occurrence in commercial kitchens as it turned out!) and thus avoid damage to the grinding mechanism, as well as an on-board data-logger that would contact the waste company and request that the tank be emptied a day or two prior to the unit determining the tank would be full, based on the previous weeks history of usage.


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