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Premises Warning Systems

PNE has developed considerable expertise in the emergency siren and warning beacon systems, especially wirelessly controlled and networked systems.

With extensive experience of wireless controls derived from successful commercial products such as wireless spa remote control systems, wireless emergency alarm systems for commercial premises and schools, and wirelessly networked warning beacon solutions for applications as diverse as pedestrian crossings and railway crossings, you realise that we're far more than just an electronics design firm.

CASE STUDY - School Lockdown Siren System 

When a NSW Primary School approached us and advised that many schools were having trouble implementing appropriate school lockdown procedures because they didn't have a suitable audio warning system, we set ourselves the challenge of creating something unique.

With standard school bell or PA system simply not being appropriate because the tones available were not easily understood or the warnings were not loud enough, and with the additional problem that accesing a central control panel in an emergency could cost valuable time AND lives, we created a remote control activated system that was completely wireless. this meant it could be installed faster AND for less than a hard-wired bell or PS system, and its tones were unique to the requirements specified for schools

The result is an entirely new, Australian designed and manufactured solution called 'WiLAS' - the Wireless Alert Siren System.

Discover more about how we've created another innovation by merging wireless, audio and control capabilities. visit the EAS (emergency Alert Systems) website at www.emergencyalertsystems.com.au

LED Warning Beacons

When it comes to speciality applications for high brightness LED warning systems, we've developed a range of products that have set new standards in features, durability optical output that others simply have not been able to match.

So when an inventor came up with a concept for a battery-powered, radio-controlled, in-road LED beacon that warned road users that they were approaching an active school zone, no surprise that it was PNE that responded to the challenge to develop a product that would do that and more.

After five years of R&D and after numerous deployments in railway crossing warning and food dsitribution centre warning systems, where placing an ultra-bright flashing LED warning beacon in the road has been shown to be the most effective means of delivering the advance warnings drivers need to slow down and stop, so as to avoid a collision or a near miss, the SAFEZONE 'IRAD' (In-Road Alert Device) is setting new standards in road user warning systems.

Discover more by visiting the SafeZone website at www.safezonealert.com.au


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