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Food & Money Vending 

Food Vending

PNE's experiencing in controlling any type of I/O, whether it be a serial port on a pH meter, or a switch on a compressor motor, or a sensor on a gas flame management system, has been applied to some complex and highly innovative applications. We helped develop the first Australian made automated deep frying line for fast food outlets, Australia's first electric lawn mower, and the first Australian made toaster with a safety cutout switch to protect curious toast makers with knives from electrocuting themselves!

Our expertise in food and vending machines has since been applied to even more complex devices, many of which have become wide spread in the community and helped our customer develop export markets. 

CASE STUDY - Automated Hot Food Vending

When an Australian company patented a new hot food vending system, they needed a unique set of control and management electronics to bring their concept to life. Because it involved the vending of freshly cooked food, they needed to be able to remotely monitor all aspects of the freezing and cooking processes to ensure the satisfaction and safety of customers, as well as the peace-of-mind of the retailers who leased the machines, and the mandatory health guidelines they were bound to meet.

From the simple user control panel and menu system, to GPRS-enabled remote stock and status monitoring, this world-class solution exemplifies our skills in helping OEMs deliver innovative products to market.

Today this system is being deployed along with an innovative 3rd party POS advertising system that can be remotely managed into a range of self serve applications such as school food shops, universities and factories. Better still, it's so innovative, it's being pitched for sale overseas into major markets where this type of vending machine simply does not exist. Another first for PNE!


Money Vending

From controlling food vending systems to money vending sounds simple. And when you have the experience in creating precision device controls, precision data-logging systems, and transactional systems with remote management systems, it becomes a lot easier, despite it being a complicated process, especially when counting money is involved!

No surprise then that PNE has created controls for Australia's leading commercial cash deposit and automated change vending machines. 

CASE STUDY - Automated Coin Change Machine

Never seen an Australian made ATM? Well we helped develop one for an Australian maker of ‘smart’ cash safes, who wanted to create a range of self-serve money changing machines.

The resulting smart-card operated ATM-style note-for-coin change machines allow users to change large denomination notes for rolls of coins (and small denomination notes) without ever having to stand in a bank queue. This unique banking machine, which is being rolled out by banks in Australia and New Zealand, offers fast self-service outside banking hours that is superior to anything available from any other vendor, anywhere else in the world. Based on large LCDs we've deployed in a range of applications, the underlying technology was tried and proven many times over, which is something this applications demanded: innovation without taking risks on reliability or accuracy.

It's been rated by the banks that have installed the system as being more accurate than your average ATM, very robust, and easy to use. And changing coins without having to go to the bank is one of those things even bank tellers agree is a task they're happy for a machine to do. However, without the reliability and accuracy we've been able to build into this product, the chore would be one tellers would still be complaining about.


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