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Electronic Variable Message Signs (VMS)

Having developed extensive experience of controlling multiple I/Os and complex relationships between devices, and with considerable expertise in creating LED and LCD human/machine control interfaces, electronic signs and safety warning systems were a natural progression. From over-road Variable Message Signs (VMS) to in-road alert devices, our multifaceted skills, including RF and remote communications, data-logging and safety interlocks (systems that prevent an operation from occurring if an unsafe condition exists), have resulted in some innovative solutions to old problems.


CASE STUDY - Over-road Traffic Advisory System

While variable traffic signs are nothing new, it took PNE to add a user-friendly operator interface to the variable sign control and management system we developed for a major toll road project in Brisbane. Designed from the ground up, our system features automatic luminosity control right down to the individual pixel element level, self-diagnostics and reporting systems, as well as a simple PC application that allows operators to generate text or graphics via a keyboard (for simple text) or more complex graphics via an intuitive pixel mapping system. While these are standard on many VMS systems today, we pioneered their development a decade ago.

Digital Advertising Displays

When a VMS or even a LED or LCD display doesn't offer the high resolution display you need, or for retail advertising applications, PNE, in partnership with Fujitsu Digital Media Solutions, has developed a self-contained LCD TV based advertising system. While developed specifically for 'unattended retail' applications (ie, food and beverage vending machines), these devices have applications limited only by your imagination.

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