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Motor Control Boards 

For any aspect of a motor's control, from starting it, to providing over-voltage protection, to safety cut-out features and even remote management and data-logging, we can control, monitor and ensure the safe oepration of every aspect of an AC or DC motor's operation.

Our expertise is primarily in the area of single phase compressors and pumps for water and fluid applications, however, any motor, no matter the type or size, is within our capability to control.

Customisable motor control and management boards are available for:

   EAC (Evaporative) Air coolers
   RCA (Reverse Cycle/Heat Pump) Air-conditioning
   Ducted & Split Heating/Cooling Systems
   Indoor or Outdoor Compressor & Fan Motor control
   Zone/Auxillary Motor control & management

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Motor Soft Starters

From embedded soft starters for domestic appliances, to stand alone devices for motors used for AC systems or pool pumps, we have extensive experience creating products that will cut development times and keep engineering costs down.

When it comes to motor soft-starts, more than a decade's experience designing and manufacturing embedded small AC motor starters for appliances such as electric drills and air conditioner compressors has resulted in a standardised design that is easily customised to suit a specific OEM application.

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