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Portable & Fixed LED Lighting Systems

From LED lighting systems for emergency services vehicles desigend to replace incandescent globes and flurescent tubes AND deliver more light with less power, to high brightness LED pool lighting, PNE has developed considerable experience of creating systems that deliver more light, but with less power AND less heat. 

CASE STUDY - LED Pool Lighting

When one of Australia's leading pool equipment suppliers wanted a new market leading LED pool lighting system, they realised that it would have to be something special if it was to compete successfully with imported products.

To meet this need, we created a high brightness LED system that delivers more light than any other LED system on the market. But in doing this, it also created more heat. That required an innovative solution to dissipating heat that might otherwise cause the system to fail, which would result in an expensive repair! The result is a design that achieves all that AND looks great and is helpng the vendor maintain their position as a market leader.

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