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Heating, Ventilation & Cooling

Airconditioning & Environmental Control

When it comes to AC and cooling sytems, our expertise in developing feature rich, reliable and cost effective solutions stems from more than a decade of experience. We've produced tens of thousands of units for dozens of models of evaporative and reverse cycle split and ducted systems that have helped our OEM customers stake out a position as market leaders.

From compressor control boards for standard or digital scroll compressors, to zone control systems for ducted AC systems, to wall-mounted and wireless handheld remote control systems, to precision computer room or building cooling sytems, our solutions deliver the innovations vendors need to stay ahead in a competitive market.

CASE STUDY - Data Centre & Precision Building Environmental Control

When a world leader in building and computer room environmental control systems wanted to launch a new product and realised they needed features simply not available in any other product let alone anything in their own range, they contracted us create a world class solution that reflected their global leadership position.

The brief was that the control sub-system needed to not only accurately measure and control temperature and humidity, but needed to provide users a sophisticated on-board management and data logging interface via a simple GUI (graphical user interface). On top of that, the entire system had to be very durable, and be easily installed by semi-skilled staff to address the boom in data centres being created in Asian and South Asian countries.

Today, after a decade on the market, the product remains one of the most fully featured and most reliable of its type, with tens of thousands of units installed and still in active service.

Room & Water Heating

In the past twenty years, we've created control solutions for some of the most popular portable electric and gas room heaters, as well as ducted gas house heating systems and hot water heating appliances.

From innovative solutions such non-intrusive temperature sensors that can determine water temperture to within half a degree celsius without being in contact with the water, to clever flash boiler systems that can deliver continuous boiling water without having to heat the entire volume of water in the heater chamber, to gas flame management systems that save gas while delivering precise, constant heat, to systems that sniff the air for oxygen content and shut the heater off if O2 levels fall below safe limits, we've deliver world class solutions that help vendors differentiate their products in the market.

CASE STUDY - Flueless Gas Room Heater

When an Australian manufacturer of domestic and commercial gas heaters wanted to create a gas room heater that cut way down on emissions of oxides-of-nitrogen (compounds created as a by-product of burning natural gas and that can be hazardous to health) in a move to capture a market niche, they turned to us to create the control system that would deliver the features they needed.

What we delivered was a world first for flueless gas room heaters, with features such as ‘intelligent’ gas control (BMS/Burner Management Systems) to regulate room temperature (by not just raising and lowering the gas flame, but by actively switching the gas on and off to maintain constant room temperature, thus saving gas), as well as a world first safety system that actively sniffed the air to determine carbon dioxide levels and shut the heater down if the room became oxygen depleted. The heater would even shut down if knocked over. Then we delivered a compact, stylish infrared remote control to make using the heater even easier. Little wonder this customer’s range of flueless gas heaters was an Australian design award winner and a best seller.

Pool & Spa Heating

With an established track record in domestic and commercial heating and cooling, little wonder we've been contracetd to create pool and spa heating systems. Little wodner they've also been best sellers.

From pump and heater controls, to auxiliary system controls, to handheld remotes, we've created complete integrated solutions for a number fo leading OEMs that today help set them apart. 

CASE STUDY - Solar Pool Heater

Australians love the outdoors - and the water - so no surprise that the world's first solar absorbtion heater for pools was an Australian development.

Designed to be both simple to use and extremely durable, this world first set the standard and established Australia as a leader in pool heating systems. Our considerable experience in this area has since led to many solutions for pool and spa manufacturers, with our spa controllers and salt water chlorination systems being acknowledged as amongst the best in the world.




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