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Embedded Control Panels

Whether for domestic appliances, commercial vehicles, industrial machinery or medical equipment - in fact, no matter what the application - we've created everything from simple analogue switch interfaces, to complex, 'smart' touchscreen controls, with features ranging from in-built data-logging to automated safety features.

From simple analogue switch panels, to multi-function digital controls, to touchscreen interfaces, we've been supplying control interfaces for a wide variety of applications and customers for more than two decades. From control panels for domestic HVAC systems, to waterproof controls for spas and industrial pumps, to touchscreen controls for domestic and even vehicle applications, our experience ranges from wired digital controls, to wireless (RF and infrared).

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Handheld Remote Controls

Whether RF or Infrared; whether for the indoors or out; PNE has developed a wide range of portable controls for everything from domestic AC systems, to outdoor spas. Whether low cost push-button controls, or fully waterproofed membrane type switches, or even remotes with in-built LCD/LED displays, or even PDA/smartphone style touchcreen controls, innovative features and high reliability remain our hallmarks. 

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