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About Us - an overview of PNE Electronics

PNE is a brand of  Inventis Technology, which is an Australian electronics design and manufacturing company established in 1985 and based in Sydney. 

We established our reputation for innovation and engineering excellence in 1985 with the invention of the safety cut-out switch for the domestic steam iron.

From that auspicious entry into the electronics industry - with the invention of a product that has become endemic in consumer appliances around the world -  we've grown to become a leading Australian and regional designer and  manufacturer of electronic control sub-systems and control interfaces; as well as finished niche market electronics products.

In essence, any electronics device that needs controlling, we can create a control solution for. Whether it be a control sub-assembly for a variable speed motor, an analogue switch interface for an appliance, or touchscreen controls for a vending system, PNE has a record of delivering the design innovations that add features, improve reliability, enhance safety and reduce manufactured costs. 

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More about PNE

We're a familiar face, even if you don't know our name.

We've created innovation control systems that have been used by millions of people in Australia and overseas in a diverse range of domestic, commercial, industrial, safety and healthcare services products. 

We're unique
PNE isn't just an electronics design firm, though. Nor are we just a contract electronics manufacturer. We have total turnkey capabilities extending from simple circuit design, to complete product development, manufacture and marketing.

So whether you're an inventor looking for a partner to commercialise your great idea, or a major local or global equipment manufacturer looking for a design partner to deliver the innovations needed to set your next generation of  products apart from the competition, we offer the skills, experience, flexibility and support framework you need to help your products stand out from the crowd.

We're innovators 
Our business is built on the creation of ideas that help OEMs and end users achieve better outcomes. We take a need and deliver a solution, and we've been doing just that for a wide range of customers since 1985. Today, our innovations continue to deliver products that offer more features, greater reliability, enhanced safety and better value for money that help our customers create their own innovative outcomes.

We've created embedded and wireless controls for everything from steam irons, to electric and gas heaters, to evaporative coolers, to electric blankets, to pool chlorinators, to solar pool heaters, to precision fluid metering systems, to automatic money change machines, to smart electronic safes, to spa baths, to steam sanitisers, to premises alert siren systems, to  railway crossing warning systems.

With brand names such as Sunbeam, Black&Decker, Mistral, Kambrook, Vulcan Bonaire, Atlas Copco/Leibert and ChipHua amongst our past and current customers, PNE has earned a reputation for delivering innovative electronics solutions. Today we remain not only one of the few electronics engineering and manufacturing businesses in Australia creating solutions for local and international customers, but one of the few niche market developers to actively engage in research and development.

We're experienced 
Everything we do has a commercial outcome. That's because we're a self-funding engineering and development group, so we've become adept at creating products that perform to expectation - just as our employees are all focused on delivering to expectation. That experience manifests itself in our local and offshore manufacturing capabulities, while ensuring world class standards are met; as well as in managing supply chains and delivering on time to OEMs and end users.

We understand the benefits of partnering 
Our ability to innovate, keep costs down and even deliver on time comes about through a series of established relationships with lcoal suppliers, sub-contractros and offshore manufacturing facilities. It also comes about through partnerships with innovative industrial designers, software developers and materials specialists who help us create customer or application specific solutions.

In short, we're a true Turnkey Solutions Provider, taking you from concept to reality, and working with you to build your business through an effective partnership, whether it be for a single project, or on a long term basis.

Whether you simply need an innovative electronics designer, or a lower cost, higher quality manufacturing source, or whether you need a complete turnkey solutions provider who can design, manufacture, assemble and manage the distribution of your product, we deliver a range of commercially sound business options to help keep you ahead of the competition!

We're a Solutions Provider
Whether it's a simple control circuit, a sophisticated control and management sub-system, or a finished product,  we deliver what you need to ensure your business's success. That means we bring together the resources required to create the solution you need. It's that approach which has helped us nuture and retain a range of long term clients, as well as attracy business from some of the world's largest electronics appliance manufacturers, who need outcomes that address their needs and ensure their success.

Australian- based, International reach
Our engineering and support staff are based in Sydney, so no matter where we manufacture a sub-system or finished product, we're always able to respond in real time to local and regional clients and offer you the accessibility and understanding you need. 

Our world class local and offshore manufacturing will then deliver the quality and the price you need to compete.

We even have the ability to manage scheduled deliveries to your needs both within Australia, and as far afield as India, to ensure materials are deliveried to you, wherever you are, whenever you need them.

PNE: You imagine it. We'll create controls for it!

PNE Electronics: designers & manufacturers of innovative electronic control solutions since 1985