Creators of innovative control solutions 

PNE Electronics (PNE) is a brand of Inventis Technology's 'Electronic Control Solutions' Group. We design and manufacture innovative electronics solutions for domestic, commercial, industrial, medical, healthcare, banking, vending and other appliances and devices, that enhance features, improve reliability and safety, and lower costs.

Overview of our business

You imagine it. We'll create controls for it!

Since 1985 we've created control systems for just about every type of electronics device imaginable; devices that have been used by millions of people in a diverse range of devices in an amazingly broad range of applications. We also design and manufacture finished goods as well as electronics sub-assemblies. We even manage client inventory and help new inventors realise their visions.

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Colour HVAC touch-control system

Our 'myZone' multi-zone HVAC touch-control system has been completely updated, and now features a sleeker and more fully featured full-colour touchscreen interface. Created for HVAC OEMs, the entire system, from motor control boards, to wireless remote control interfaces, to on-screen user menus, to display bezel, is fully customisable to meet specific OEM client needs.

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'myZone' zoned HVAC control system

PNE Electronics: designers & manufacturers of innovative electronic control solutions since 1985